Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Using Rubbing Compound and Swirl Remover

Using Rubbing Compound and Swirl Remover

Rubbing compound is like a fine sandpaper, but comes in a liquidy paste form. The one I used was Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound, and it looks like this:

You rub the Rubbing Compound over the surface. I used a back and forth motion on it and you need to put some muscle into it to level the surface out nicely. You will notice the surface looks dull but you should be able to feel its more level and not gritty.

Once you think the surface is level, then I used 3M Swirl Remover. With this, I did it by hand and went in a back and forth motion really quickly. I didn't put too much pressure on it, but just enough and rubbed quickly. I rubbed back and forth about 30 times or so generating some heat on the cloth I was using.

You basically continue until the Swirl Remover liquid was hard to see, then wiped off the surface. I repeated the swirl remover 3 times per location. This made the surface really shine up. I will post up some pictures shortly of the before and after. You will be amazed as I was.

You can do the Swirl Remover by machine as well, but I won't give advice on that since i've never done it. With a machine, if you do it to long you can burn through the clear coat. By hand is safer, but takes longer as well.

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