Wednesday, May 31, 2006

OEM Lip Kit Painted

OEM Lip Kit Painted

Here is the update where my Lip Kit has finally been painted my Clover Green Pearl. As with all painting, hold the spray can about 6-12 inches from the parts and do not lay too thick coats. The thinner coats are better as it avoids drips, but put enough to cover all areas adequately and evenly.

Here is a picture of the rear valence with 2 coats of green applied:

A closer shot of rear valence painted:

When applying the clear coat, ensure to give about 20 minutes of drying time on the base coat. The time to wait also depends on the paint, and on my spray can it recommended 20 minutes. Follow directions on your can.

Here are the rear valences drying with clear coat on it:

Closer shot of rear valences clear coated:

The OEM Front Lip with clear drying on it and the side skirts with only basecoat applied:

Front lip clear coated:

Another shot of the front lip:

Picture of the sides with clear coat on it:

Here I was anxious to see how well the paint matched, so I put it on the car quickly to see. Color match looks good:

Another view of the lip on my car:

Side shot with some light hitting it:

And yet another pic of the front lip:

Here is a picture of all the parts painted a fresh coat of green:

Picture of me holding the side skirt in place to see the color match:

Rear valences held in place to see the color match:

Once this was done, I had let my Lip Kit pieces dry for about a week and a half. Some recommend more, while others say less. This is to let the paint cure and harden. At this stage, once it hardens I took out the rubbing compound and swirl remover to make it shine. Stay tuned to see how I did this in posts to come.

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Tim Wilson said...

hey i have a question for you did you match the paint to your factory paint code? I'm just wondering because im getting a body kit for my zx2 and i would like to save the money and paint it myself, and what you did looks great.