Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Body Work: Fix your dents!

Here is a great body work video from Hot Rod TV. They take an old Mustang and throughout the 10 minute video you learn the exact process to pull out a dent, make it smooth and have it ready for paint.

The video highlights:

1) Sanding down the paint to the bare metal to begin pulling the dent
2) Using the dent puller to attach pins and pull out the dent
3) cutting and grinding off the dent puller pins
4) Mixing body filler using the hardener to properly set the body filler
5) Applying the body filler over the dented spot that was pulled
6) Sanding the excess body filler smooth
7) Hand cross-sanding of the body filler
8) Applying primer to the body work area to give an idea how it will be ready for painting later on

Enjoy and hope it can help you pull your own dents and make a car body work repair!

Regards, MK
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