Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Windshield Wiper Arm Repair and Removal

On My Acura Integra, my wiper arms were starting to have the Paint peel off revealing the shiny metal underneath in some parts, while other areas were regular OEM Black. I decided to paint them over with a new coat of Flat Black Paint.

Here is the Duplicolor Paint I used:

Duplicolor Trim Paint

To take off the wipers on my Integra, there was simply two 14mm nuts holding on the Wiper Arms at the base of the Wiper Arms. Once I removed the two nuts, you simply pry off the wiper arm. They were a little tight, but they come off.

Here are a few pictures of the wipers off the car, and showing the condition they are in.

Wiper Arm Damaged Picture 1
Wiper Arm Damaged Picture 2

First steps are to give it a light sanding. Sanding the piece helps promote adhesion for painting so that your Paint job lasts. I used 320 grit sandpaper I had lying around.

Sanding Damaged Wiper Arm

Once you complete sanding, make sure to wash and wipe off all loose sanding dust from the wiper arms. Some soapy water works well, and is what I used. Here is a picture after this is done, and the wipers are ready to paint.

Washed Wiper Arms

Here is a coat of paint on the Wiper Arms:

Coat of Paint Picture 1
Coat of Paint Picture 2

Here is the Final Coat (I waited 10 minutes between my coats, as was instructed on the can, and applied 3 coats of paint):
Final Coat of Paint

After letting it dry for 1 hour (the can said to wait 1 hour), I installed them back onto the car. Here are the results:

Installed Repaired Wiper Arms Pic1
Installed Repaired Wiper Arms Pic2
Installed Repaired Wiper Arms Pic3

A great job indeed, and the Wiper Arms look like new with this paint job.

Michael Kralj
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