Saturday, December 09, 2006

Painted Rims Installed on Car

A follow up to my DIY Paint your car Rims article, I promised pics of the rims on my Integra to see how it will look.

Well I had installed them last week as winter has come and some snow has already been seen. Nothing to use my winter tires for yet, but that will come.

I was pretty impressed with how the gunmetal rim with polished style lip looked on my green Integra. I always was going back and forth if I should paint my rims gunmetal, but now I am quite happy with the end result.

Take a look:

Painted Rims on Car 1
Painted Rims on Car 2
Painted Rims on Car 3
Painted Rims on Car 4
Painted Rims on Car 5

Hope my DIY paint your rims article helped, and I hope this will help others picture what the stock SE rims will look like gunmetal with a polished lip and on a green integra like mine.

Regards, MK
Visit my Car Detailing Guide in my other blog. Updates to come real soon.

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