Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lip Kit Pictures after Rubbing Compound

Lip Kit Pictures: After Rubbing Compound

As promised, here are those pictures of my one rear valence after being treated with the Rubbing Compound and Swirl Remover I had mentioned in my earlier post.

The Rear Valence on the left is not compounded, while the Valence on the right is compounded and the swirl remover was put on afterwards. The results are quite amazing!

Different shot of the Treated and Untreated Valence:

Close up of the Untreated Rear Valence:

Close up of the Treated Rear Valence:

An amazing difference. Wow!

Leave any comments of what you think.

Michael Kralj

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jprice said...

Holly shit dude! GOOD JOB! I remember when I was panting this panel with the same color, I cleared it 30 minutes after the base coat. It orange peeled pretty bad like the before picture of untreated valence and I was like "WTF DID I DO?!". Now you have inspired me to try it again but waiting for the clear to cure at least a week and then applying the rubbing compound and swirl remover. Cheers to you man! Your an inspiration. I'll also help your site out by sending you pics of my lip kit process on a 99 red prelude. Later!