Monday, June 12, 2006

Body Lip Kit Painted and Installed

Body Lip Kit Painted and Installed

With the assistance of my father, I finally installed my OEM Lip Kit onto my car. The kit went on pretty easily, just took a little bit of time to complete. Here's the pics of the final results.

The day I installed it, without the car being washed:

Rear shot of the car with the kit:

I got to cleaning the car a few days later and look at her shine. The paint matches really well and looks great. Most people can't even tell I painted it myself, and said it looks like a great DIY job for a rattle can spraying.

Here are the pics:

This picture shows how truly great the paint match is for this DIY paint job.

I hope I have inspired some people to try such projects on themselves. With a little bit of time and patience, it will work out.

Michael Kralj
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raj said...

now you need to do the rest of the car...