Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Body Lip Kit Paint and Install

Body Lip Kit Paint and Install

I had been looking for a Lip Kit for my 1999 Integra, when I decided the nicest one around was from the OEM Manufacturer Acura. The parts were discontinued, so there wasn't a large supply left. I only could find the parts in red, but my car was green. I decided to paint the parts myself using a rattle can to accomplish it.

Here are the steps I had taken in getting the lip kit painted and installed:

- Wet sand 320/400 grit sandpaper
- Prime with Duplicolor Sandable Black Primer (3 coats)
- Wet sand Primer (600 grit)
- Color (g95P - clover green pearl) (3 coats)
- Clear coat (3 coats)
- Allow to cure
- Apply rubbing compound and swirl remover
- Wax after 30-60 days

I will give step by step details of how it was completed with pictures in the days to come.

Michael Kralj
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steve said...

hi i was wondering where you get the paint from and how much of it was used?
like how many cans of each, i know it states 3 coats, but i don't really understand much of what that means