Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wet Sanding Preparation

Wet Sanding Preparation

So here I started the project of Wet sanding after work and between the days of rain. Here you will see the pieces prior to wet sanding, and afterwards to see how far you may want to go with the Wet Sanding process. Here the front lip and rear valences have been completed.

OEM Acura Front Lip in Burning Red Pearl before sanding:

My weapons of attack: Wet Sand with 320 grit and 400 grit wet / dry sandpaper

Here is an up close shot of the Front Lip paint Untouched:

Here is the Front Lip all sanded with white residue from the wet sanding (it is white because of wet sanding the clear coat, making it turn white.

Here you see a picture of the rear valences untouched:

And here I have completed sanding one Rear Valences and the other one is not:

Closer shot of one piece sanded and the other one not:

Here are both valences sanded:

The side skirts will be sanded as well, and then I will move on to priming the Kit with the Duplicolor Black Primer.

Also, look for an article here describing the process of Wet Sanding to come.

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