Thursday, May 04, 2006

Automotive Body Paint Work Essentials

Automotive Body Paint Work Essentials

If you plan to do any repairs on your car and have decided to complete the body paint work yourself, you will need a basic set of items. These are required:

- Sandpaper to sand the damaged area down (from 200 grit to 1500 grit)
- Body filler to level out dents or imperfections in the body
- Primer for a base for the paint to stick on
- Base Coat of paint: the colour your are painting
- Clear Coat: To give the shiny coat to the paint
- Polishing Compound to give the finish a perfect shine

If you are using a spray can, the paint will be in there and no more materials are needed. If you plan to use a gun for painting (the better method), then you will need:
- HVLP gun
- Compressor for the gun

Michael Kralj

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