Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wheel Rim Repair: Decision to Polish my Rims

As part of perfecting my car and fixing any defects I was unhappy with, I came to my Acura Integra car rims. At the time, they were my main rims, however they have now been replaced with a nicer set currently and have been retired as winter rims. Before, I got my better rims I decided to try and polish my wheels to learn and to see how it would look.

My thoughts were to either paint my rims silver or a gunmetal colour, or try and polish my rims to a nice shine. I decided to try and polish them first, and if it did not turn out as I wanted I could always paint my rims. Here is the initial pictures of the Wheel that had curb rash and other blemishes.

Initial Wheel Pics of my stock Acura Integra Rims:

As you can see, something needed to be done if I wanted my wheel rims to look good to ride on. So I went ahead and ordered the products that I needed to continue with this body work type project.

Look forward to my next post detailing the tools I got to polish my rims!

Regards, MK
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