Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Polished Integra SE Car Rims: Finished

As promised, here are my results of the polished Integra SE rims:

The front Integra rim has been polished, while the back rim is the stock silver color. Might I just add, this was when I had 4x4 style wheel gap, which has been since reduced.

Integra Polished Rim 1

A Closer view of the nice polished surface:

Integra Polished Rim 2

Even Closer view of the Polished rim (you can even see my reflection):

Integra Polished Rim 3

A look at the grass reflecting in my wheel. Very nice.

Integra Polished Rim 4

To see an even more amazing example of member lak8 who polished his Integra Blades Rims, check out this link on Team-Integra.net.

As with the steps discussed, you too can successfully polish your wheel and get the same results!

Regards, MK
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